Spanish - 7th Grade Daily Work

#1 - What is the name of our first unit this year?

#2 - A - What is the capital of Argentina?

B - On what continent is Argentina?

#3 - A - What does "Argentina" mean?

B - What does "Buenos Aires" mean?

#4 - A - What is dulce de leche? (Be very specific as if I didn't know what it was.)

B - What are alfajores? (Be very specific.)

C - What is Chimichurri? (Be very specific.)

#5 - A - What are Miga sandwiches? (Be very detailed.)

B - What are Palmitos and Salsa Golf? (Be very detailed.)

C - What is Mate? (Be very detailed.)

#6 - What is Pope Francis' real name?

B - What is the adjective we used in class to describe Pope Francis?

C - Who was Che Guevarra?

#7 - A - Who was the first elected woman president of Argentina?

B - Who is the current president of Argentina?

C - Who was Evita?

#8 - A - What is a Gaucho?

B - Who does Messi play for?

C - Who is Maradona?

#9 - A - What is the name of the building in which the Argentine president works?

B - What is the name of the political party that Evita and her husband started?

C - Who are the people that loved Evita?

#10 - A - Who played the part of Evita in the Hollywood movie about her?

B - Where is Evita's final resting place in Buenos Aires today? 

#11 - What are boleadores and who uses them?

#12 - A - What number do both Messi and Maradona wear?

B - Who is ManĂº?

#13 - A - What sport does Juan del Potro play?

B - What sport does Nacho Figueres play?

#14 - A - What is the name of the port in B.A. where the Italian immigrants came in?

B - What is the name of the widest avenue in the world?

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