PE - Mr. Brian Boone

Hello, my name is Mr. Boone, and I am entering my 21st year at St. Vincent de Paul. I have received my B.S. in Physical Education from Northwest Missouri State University and my Master's in Education specializing in Administration. I am teaching Pre-K classes once a week and K-6 twice a week.  
Class Info
Students will do various activities such as mindful meditation, gymnastics, fitness testing, and cooperative activities that focus on various skills, sportsmanship, movement, fitness, and wellness while creating a physically literate student. Students will  participate in curriculum that follows the Nebraska standards for PE, the National standards, and the Archdiocesan standards as well. The goal of my program is to introduce my students to different ways to being active and healthy while being life long learners of a healthy lifestyle. 
Students in 6th grade will complete a writing assessment at the end of each unit through their Google Classroom accounts. The purpose of this assessment is to see what the students learned from the unit, to strenghten their writing skills, and to provide feedback for me as well. 
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School Office: 402-492-2111
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