Mr. Polacek-Room 73


I am excited to be starting my 3rd year at St. Vincent DePaul.  I am a life long educator and have been teaching all levels of math for the past 36 years.    I graduated from University of Nebraska Wesleyan with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, then continued my education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and received a master's in mathematics.   The last several years I have spent teaching in Millard Public schools at Millard South High School and Beadle Middle School.          


Pre-Algebra - This is a course designed to prepare students for more advanced courses in algebra and geometry.  Integer and real number operations, functions, graphing, inequalities and problem solving strategies are emphasized. Sadlier Foundations of Algebra is the textbook we will be using.

Algebra - This course covers basic algebra.  Depending on the math ability and placement of the students, they will either cover the entire course, or get a very thorough introduction to the skills and concepts of basic algebra.  The textbook, Sadlier Algebra 1, is written for the ninth grade level.  Special emphasis is given to polynomial operations, factoring, equations, inequalities and problem solving strategies.
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