Teacher Associates

Teacher associates play a key role in helping students achieve success on a daily basis at SVdP.  Whether working with small groups, monitoring the lunch room, supervising recess, putting up a bulletin board, applying a bandaid, or offering a smile and encouragement, SVdP teacher associates share their talents and gifts with our school community.

Pre-School Associates
(left to right)
Mrs. Suzanne Kerr
Mrs. Amber Piper
Kindergarten Associates
(left to right)
Mrs. Donna Morgenson
Ms. Avry Logeman (not pictured)
Mrs. Susan Real
Mrs. Berna Georges (not pictured)
 First Grade Associates
 (left to right)
 Mrs. Sharon Ellerbeck
 Mr. Matt Palmer
 Ms. Pam Botos (not pictured)
 Mrs. Denise Johnston (not pictured)
Second Grade Associates
(left to right)
Mrs. Sherri Beyer
Mrs. Deidre Barrett
Mrs. Jena Jones
 Third Grade Associates
 (left to right)
 Mrs. Joy Gregory (not pictured)
 Mrs. Lynn Rakoczy
 Mrs. Ann Rangel
Fourth Grade Associates
(left to right)
Mrs. Janeen Moynihan
Ms. Lynn Schlueter
Mrs. Monina Williams
Fifth Grade Associate (l)
Mrs. Gail Wallace
Sixth Grade Associate (r)
Mrs. Teresa Hazard
Seventh Grade Associate (l)
Mrs. Maureen Houlihan
Eighth Grade Associate (r)
Ms. Kathy Griffin
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