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General Contact Information
You can call the school office at 402-492-2111 to talk with, leave a message for, or request a call-back from administrative, teaching, and office staff members.  You can also email staff by clicking on any of the linked names found below.  

If your child or children will be absent from school, click here to send an email.  

If you are not sure who to contact with your question, click here to send an email which will be routed to the appropriate individual.

Administrative and Office Staff
School Principal  Dr. Barbara Marchese, Ed.D
Assistant Principal  Mrs. Diane Warneke, M.S.
Assistant Principal  Dr. Lisa Nelson, Ph.D
Administrative Assistant  Mrs. Michele Madrigal
Receptionist  Mrs. Haydee Gregory
School Secretary  Mrs. Nancy Morey
School Nurse  Mrs. Nicole Pisarik, R.N.
After School Care Coordinators  Mrs. Julie Waltmeyer; Mrs, Kim Baque

Mrs. Kathie Onkka, M.S. teacher
Mrs. Christine Piernicky, associate
Mrs. Suzanne Kerr, associate
Mrs. Julie Vaughan, M.A., teacher
Mrs. Donna Morgenson, associate
Mrs. Barb Sisson, associate
Mrs. Susan Real, associate
First Grade
Mrs. Christy Kleffman, NBCT, teacher
Ms. Judy Hermsen, M.S., teacher
Mrs. Sharon Ellerbeck, associate
Mr. Matt Palmer, associate

Mrs. Sharon Childers, associate
Second Grade
Mrs. Rhonda Johnson, M.A., teacher
Mrs. Deidre Barrett, associate
Mrs. Sherri Beyer, associate
Third Grade
Ms. Kristin Ruelas, M.S., teacher
Mrs. Joy Gregory, associate
Mrs. Lynn Rakoczy, associate
Mrs. Ann Rangel, associate
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Janeen Moynihan, associate
Ms. Lynn Schleuter, associate
Mrs. Monina Williams, associate
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Angela Jones, M.S., teacher
Ms. Karen Stec, M.A., teacher
Mrs. Gail Wallace, associate
Sixth Grade
Mrs. Kay John, M.S., teacher
Mrs. Maria Wane, M.S., teacher
Mrs. Debbie Guinotte, M.E., teacher
Mrs. Teresa Hazard, associate
Seventh Grade
Mr. Jerry Leever, M.A., teacher
Mrs. Kris Bashus, M.S., teacher
Ms. Leisa Kolberg, M.Ed., teacher
Mrs. Maureen Houlihan, associate
Eighth Grade
Mr. Frank Dunn, M.Ed., teacher
Mrs. Angela Zimmerman, M.S. teacher
Mrs. Robin Fosbender, M.A., teacher
Mrs. Jenny Schwery, associate
Grades 2-8 Spanish
Educational Strategists
Mrs. Sue Heavey, M.S. grades K-4 teacher
Ms. Cindy Beam, grades 5-8 teacher
Mrs. Susan Baginski, grades 5-8 teacher
Mrs. Debbie Miller, M.S., grades 3-8 teacher
Mr. Michael Pflaum, M.A.Ed., teacher
Mrs. Karen LeMense, grades PK-5 teacher
Mrs. Stephanie O'Brien, grades 6-8 teacher
Physical Education
Ms. Jennifer Pottebaum, grades PK-2 teacher
Mr. Brian Boone, M.S., grades 3-8 teacher
Mrs. Chris Kaiser, M.S., media specialist
Mrs. Amy Kuhr, M.Ed., teacher
Technology Support
Food Services
Mr. Tom Peal, director
Mr. Jim Schmitz, assistant director
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