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We comply with all local, county, Archdiocesan, state and federal student health requirements. The health information and links below are available for your convenience. Please contact Nurse Nicole Pisarik by phone (402-452-2267) or email (nurse( if you have any questions or concerns about your child's health or health requirements while at school.

Students entering grades K and 7 and all out-of-state transfer students are required to present proof of a recent (within no more than six months prior to the start of the school year) physical exam and up-to-date immunization records.  In general, physical exams scheduled anytime after March 1 will be good for the coming school year.  Click here to download a physical exam form.

Required Physical Forms and proof of immunization are due on August 1 of the current school year.  If forms are not received by August 1, children will not be allowed to attend school until forms are on file.

Nebraska School Immunization Rules and Regulations
In Nebraska, children cannot attend classes in public or private school until the school has written proof of their immunization status (Neb. Rev. Stat.  §§ 79-217 through 79-223).

These immunizations are required of all students in grades K-12:

  • 3 doses of DTaP, DTP, DT or Td vaccine; one given on or after the 4th birthday
  • 1 dose of Tdap (students entering 7th)
  • 3 doses of Polio vaccine
  • 2 doses of MMR or MMRV vaccine, given on or after 12 months of age and separated by at least one month.
  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (If student is 11-15 years of age and just starting the series, 2 doses of adolescent vaccine.)
  • 2 dose of varicella or MMRV given on or after 12 months of age and prior to 13 years of age (If over 13, 2 doses of varicella, separated by at least one month. Written documentation of disease will be accepted. See guidelines.)

Nebraska school rules and regulations applicable to immunization are available online and can be viewed by clicking here.

For additional information, call the Nebraska Immunization Program, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services at 402-471-6423.

General Health Forms Required for All Students
Annual Student Health Update Form  - To be completed by a parent/guardian for each student every year. Forms will be completed and submitted online via Ecollect this year; cicking on the link provided will take parents to the PowerSchool Parent login page.  Ecollect Forms can be accessed for each child once logged in.  Annual Student Health Update Form submissions are due in the health office by May 4.
Parent PowerSchool Login (to complete and submit forms)
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