Mr. Jerry Leever - Room 71

My name is Jerry Leever, and I am excited to begin my 15th year at St. Vincent de Paul School. I received both my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Language Arts (1984) and Master of Arts in English (1993) at the University of Kansas. I have taught high school English in Houston (Westbury), TX, Lincoln (Northeast), NE, and Faucett (Mid-Buchanan), MO.

Class Info
Junior high English students have bi-weekly spelling and vocabulary units that focus on learning not just spellings and meanings but also using words in context and their synonyms and antonyms. Students learn writings conventions by completing Daily Oral Language exercises. Grammar basics such as parts of speech are reviewed in junior high, but our focus is on larger grammatical units, for example, phrases and clauses, and how these units function in sentences. Students will use the writing process to write several essays, both personal and expository, including personal narratives and essays, and informative and persuasive essays. Links to the spelling textbook, Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop, and the English textbook, Voyages in English, can be found below. Student grades can be found on Powerschool. Mrs. Houlihan is the TA assisting seventh grade, and Mrs. Williams is the TA assisting 8th grade. 

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School Office: 402-492-2111
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