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Welcome to 7th Grade English and spelling! 

My name is Jerry Leever, and I am excited to begin my 14th year at St. Vincent de Paul School. I received both my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Language Arts (1984) and Master of Arts in English (1993) at the University of Kansas. I have taught high school English in Houston (Westbury), TX, Lincoln (Northeast), NE and Faucett (Mid-Buchanan), MO.

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I am looking forward to having the opportunity to serve and teach your child. I hope to challenge each child in my English class and that everyone will learn of the power that language has to create meaning and communicate ideas. My goal is to equip your child with the tools he or she needs to be life-long writers.

For both 7th and 8th Grade Spelling/Vocabulary, every other week, students will receive a new list of 20 words. Students will be tested over that list on the Wednesday of the second week. I encourage students to spend a little time nightly going over their spelling/vocabulary words.

This year, vocabulary, spelling and English grades will be incorporated into one grade. Spelling and vocabulary will not be a separate grade. The English grade will be determined using the following scale: vocabulary assignments 5%, spelling tests 10%, vocabulary tests 10%, English assignments 5%, English quizzes 20%, English tests 25% and written compositions 25%.

If you would like to contact me, please email me or call me at 402-492-2111



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