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WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN at St. Vincent de Paul School! We are an all-day, five-day kindergarten program. Each day the students are provided opportunities to grow socially, academically and spiritually.

I am Julie Vaughan.  A little about me:  My husband, Dusty, and I have four children, ages 8-16.  I love spending time with them, watching their sporting events, dance recitals, and of course, reading with them!  We also love to go out to dinner and the movies!  I love St. Vincent de Paul-- this school and church is my second home.  I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing community! 

This is my twenty-first year teaching kindergarten at St. Vincent de Paul.  I am from Omaha and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education.  I also received a Master's of Science in Education with an emphasis on Educational Technology from Peru State College.  I am very excited about working with you and your child this year! 

Classroom Information and Links

In Kindergarten, we build on the the students' eagerness to learn.  We will work on strengthening their social skills, creating many new friendships and developing independence.

The students are actively engaged in hands-on activities throughout the day and will adjust quickly to the new schedule and routines.

One of my passions is teaching reading.  I love to watch the students develop their reading skills over the school year!  Working with your child at home on reading, sight words, and comprehension teaches them that reading is all around them!  Here are some resources to help you explore reading with your child.  
For word lists to improve your child's sight word vocabulary, please click on the following:
For access to the math website, click here.
Click here for instructions on logging into the HMH Science website for the first time.
Click here for the HMH Science website.
Click here for a tentative Star of the Week schedule.  I will also send a paper reminder the week prior to your child's week.  Whenever possible, the week coordinates with your child's birthday.  Dates are subject to change.  
I also love to have parent volunteers in the classroom for art activities.  At this time, we are unable to have parent volunteers, but I will update this if this changes.   click here.
For a list of prayers taught in kindergarten, click here.
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns at 492-2111 or email me.
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