Ms. Jaimie Salerno - Room 53

Welcome to Ms. Salerno's class! This is my eighth year teaching at St. Vincent de Paul. It's even more exciting to me because I'm a former graduate from St. Vincent's!  Prior to coming to St. Vincent de Paul, I was in Houston, Texas, where I taught math and science for 5th grade for two years and 6th grade for three years. I was also an English as a Second Language Reading Interventionist for 7th and 8th graders for a year.

Class Info
I will be teaching all three 5th grade homerooms science. 5th grade science will begin with our Matter unit. This will be followed by multiple units on life science that explores matter and energy in ecosystems. We finish the year with our Space unit. I also teach religion, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and math. 

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The table below includes links to science websites we will be using over the course of the year.
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