6th Grade - Curriculum Information

6th Grade - Curriculum Information 

Mrs. Wane


We will be working on numerous strategies in our Reading class this year, including: analyzing characters, making inferences, summarizing, comparing/contrasting, sequencing events and identifying character traits.


Students read the following novels:

              Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

              Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

              Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor

              A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle


*Videos may be shown over the following books to work on comparison and contrast as well as other skills. If you have a concern about your child viewing these, please let me know. All have a PG rating.

       Where the Red Fern Grows and A Wrinkle in Time


Textbook: StudySync by McGraw Hill

Website: https://my.mheducation.com/simplified/school/Z6N1

*Student work will be assessed in the following way:

                      Review Work (50%): Assignments/class participation

                      Assessments/Projects (50%): Quizzes and Tests



Textbook:  Voyages in English by Loyola Press

Wedbsite: https://digital.loyolapress.com/login.php

Two Core Parts - One Cohesive Program

        Part One:  GRAMMAR - Structure of Language

                  Parts of Speech, Usage, Mechanics, Agreement,


            Sections: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Sentences, Conjunctions, Interjections, Punctuation, and Capitalization            


                  Traits of effective writing, genre characteristics, word/study

                             skills, seven-step writing process

                 Sections: Personal Narratives, How-to Articles, Descriptions, Persuasive Writing, Expository, Business Letters, Creative Writing, Research




SPELLING /VOCABULARY --> Included in English Grade


Textbook:  Vocabulary Workshop (Level A) by Sadlier 

Website: https://www.sadlierconnect.com/@4145470

Grading:   50% ONLINE WORK, 50% TESTS (Spelling and Vocabulary)


Mrs. Guinotte


Welcome to sixth grade science! Our focus this year is earth science. We use Earth and Space Science by McGraw Hill. The books are available online through my website. Students will be given a login and username.



Grades: 50%Assignments

             50% Tests (includes projects)


Invention Convention: Friday, November 12th at 2:15 in the Gym


Topics of Study:

methods of science

simple machines/work and power

exlporing Earth

Earth's structure


geological changes

weathering and soil


plate tectonics


weather and climate

exlporing space

solar systems

stars and galaxies

Students are expected to take notes during class, actively participate, and hand homework in on time.




Finding God: website: https://digital.loyolapress.com/login.php

Log in:Username: lastname follwed by svdp

     example: guinottesvdp

    password: usual school password


Grades: Total Points (homework/tests)

 Topics we will cover:

Focus is on: Finding God and our Response to God's Gifts

  • God, Our Creator and Father
  • Jesus, Our Lord and Savior
  • The Church, Our Community in the Spirit
  • Sacraments, Our Way of Life
  • Morality, Our Lived Faith

Archdiocese Curriculum- Circle of Grace



Social Studies - Mrs. Johnson

Textbook:  Ancient Civilizations by Holt McDougal   (COMPLETE BOOK AVAILABLE ONLINE)
 www.hmhco.com         (Google User Name and Password)
         Early Humans and Societies
         Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush
         Civilization in India and China
         Foundations of Western Ideas
         The Roman World
         Islamic and African Civilizations
         Empires of Asia and the Americas
         Renewal in Europe
Test/Assessment variations:  Performance Assessments; Written tests that include essay questions, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, true/false, and matching; Open Book/Open Note Tests; Take home tests.  Students will be notified in advance of Performance Assessments.  One-week notice will be given before all tests.


Study guides will be provided in class to assist students with their studying habits.  Students will be using a guided reading workbook this year.  They will also be learning how to formal outline and take notes on their own.  Practice assignments will be done in notebooks and checked for completion.
Grading:   Review Work: 50%, Assessments: 50%
*Please reach out if you would like to view our class syllabus which has more information on the grading portion.
Math - Mrs. Johnson


Textbook:  Progress in Mathematics by Sadlier.  (COMPLETE BOOK AVAILABLE ONLINE)

 www.sadlierconnect.com            (User Name and Password given in class.)             



       Number sense, Addition and Subtraction

       Multiplication: Whole Numbers and Decimals

       Division: Whole Numbers and Decimals

       Expressions and Equations


       Number Theory and Fractions

       Fractions: Addition and Subtraction

       Fractions: Multiplication, Division and Probability

       Data and Statistics


       Ratio, Proportion and Percent

       Percent Applications


       More Concepts in Algebra


Simple Solutions (for most weeks):

       One lesson assigned per day - checked for completion, answers will be given in class.  Students should visit with teacher about problems they don't understand how to do.

       Weekly quizzes will typically be given on Wednesdays but may adjust slightly based on our school schedule.



              Practice Work:  Done in notebook

              Review Work: 40%           

              Assessments: 50%
              Simple Solutions and math terms: 10%  (Quizzes only)

*Please reach out if you would like to view our class syllabus which has more information on the grading portion.






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