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Today's assignments are posted below.  Your child's homework will be listed under the homeroom grade he/she is assigned.  All assignments are due the next class date unless otherwise noted.  Each student should write his/her assignments in his/her assignment notebook daily.  Reading assignments always include vocabulary for each section and journaling or summarizing for each chapter.


April 10, 2019

Math Assignments

Reading/Lit Assignments

Grade 4


Homework: pg. 338-339 #1 - 15


Test Date:  4/16

Grade 6


Homework:  study for test on Friday


Test Date:  4/12

Project Date: handed out 3/26 - due 4/15

Quarter Project:

Grade 5


Homework:  Surface area of a pyramid

Simple Solutions: 88

Test Date:  4/15 or 4/16

Grade 7


Homework: imagery search


Test Date: 

Project Date:

Quarter Project: 

Grade 6


Homework:  review assignment


Simple Solutions:  86

Test Date: 4/12

Grade 8


Homework: none


Test Date:

Project Date:






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