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 ¡Hola!   ¡Bienvenidos a Español!  My name is Señora Maenner and this is my 19th year of teaching Spanish at St. Vincent de Paul.  My ancestry is from Argentina. My parents were both born, raised, and married in Argentina. Most of my relatives are still there, and I grew up speaking Spanish in the home, thus subsequently continued my studies in Spanish.  I received a B.A. in Spanish, and a B.S. in Secondary Education with an additional endorsement in English.  

The best way to reach my is by email:
I'm looking forward to another great year!

Classroom Information and Links

2nd graders - 8th graders learn Spanish with me, and K - 1 will learn with Señora Flores.  The elementary students will be learning a lot of vocabulary so that when they get into 7th - 8th grades, they will be able to incorporate that vocabulary into sentences and short conversations.

7th grade students will learn to conjugate (to change the verb form so that sentences make sense grammatically) at the end of the school year, and 8th grade students will be taught "Ser" and "Estar" (two verbs both meaning "to be") which is very important before entering into High School Spanish!  8th grade students will be participating in a "ME" project/assessment for the Archdiocese of Omaha in the spring, which they will hear about later.
Throughout the school year, all grades (2nd-8th) learn the Padre Nuestro (The Lord's Prayer) and the sign of the cross in Spanish, and some grades will also experience a variety of cultural observations and celebrations which includes games, activities and tasting a variety of foods from different Spanish speaking countries!  To see the list of cultural activities/fiestas, click on the link below for important dates to remember.  

When a student is absent from Spanish class, it is his/her responsibility to see me promptly after they return to school for any notes missed in class and other assignments (which are usually worksheets thus are not online).  The Daily Work questions will be posted on my web page after each class (per grade level) has answered them in class, so if you are absent you can find those questions online on my webpage.  It is encouraged for Power School to be utilized by the students to "keep up" with their grades, assignments, and missing work.  I do write "notes" in Power School as necessary on certain assignments.  Study Buddies are great, but unfortunately they are not always reliable, so please check Power School often and/or check with me for any missing assignments or other concerns.  I am available to students every morning (except Wednesdays) between 7:30 - 8:00 for assistance, questions, concerns...  

The School Objective for Spanish at St. Vincent de Paul School is to familiarize students with the Spanish language and the culture of the Spanish speaking countries of the world, prior to taking Spanish 1 in high school.

The Learning Objective for Spanish at St. Vincent de Paul School is to develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in the Spanish language as well as to enlighten students to the values and customs of Spanish speaking cultures.



Google Translate will not be allowed for any regular Spanish assignments.

Google Translate will ONLY be allowed during the 8th graders' Archdiocesan Assessments, and for Extra Credit reports on the children's books and on reports over the Spanish speaking countries.  

If I suspect that Google Translate has been used on regular Spanish assignments/homework (and it's obvious), those assignments will automatically earn a zero.  


Curriculum and Classroom Expectations:
If absent:
Extra Credit - 8th graders only

Archdiocesan Assessment Information and Rubric for 8th graders only (Spring 2020):
Archdiocesan Assessment - p1
Archdiocesan Assessment - p2
Archdiocesan Assessment - Rubric


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