Mrs. Samantha Johnson - Room 62

Welcome to 6th grade! My name is Mrs. Johnson, and I teach math and social studies to the sixth grade students. I graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and received my certification in Elementary Education from Dakota State University. This is my third year at SVdP.

Class Info
This year in math, students will master a variety of skills including, but not limited to, place value, prime factorization, order of operations, and computing with integers. This year is focused on solidifying those skills so they are able to build upon them throughout this year and beyond. Once mastered, they will then be able to apply those problems to real-life situations.
This year in social studies, students are heading back to ancient times to learn about ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, and more. Within those civilizations, they will learn about daily lifestyles, religions, social structures, and the cause for a rise or fall of power. Over time, students will realize how interconnected these ancient civilizations truly are and how they have left a lasting impact on future socities of today. 
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School Office: 402-492-2111


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