Mrs. Caito - Room 43

Welcome to Room 43!  I am looking forward to a great year with your children! 

This is my 22nd year at St. Vincent de Paul.  It is my 21st year as a teacher and my 20th year in fourth grade.  I attended the University of NE-Omaha.  Besides teaching the main subjects to my homeroom, I teach English to all 4th graders. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.  You can email me, or you may call 492-2111 and leave a message.


Classroom Information and Links
We share teacher associates in grade four. We are very blessed to have Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Moynihan, and Ms. Lynn Schlueter who have so much experience with children and have a lot to offer your children daily.

Fourth grade is a great year!  Some things to look forward to are kindergarten buddies, studying the rosary, reading novels, and much more!  For an overview of fourth grade learning opportunities, click here.

See below for homework and test information for the current week.

Class                           Assignment/Test                              
-watch (svdp4, password Grade4!)
-look over pages 144, 146 in hard book and do wb 95-96 (evens); check your answers when finished
-look over 148, 150 in hard book and do wb 97-98 (evens); check your answers when finished
-if you would like to work more on diagramming sentences, look over hard book 188-204 and do wb 123-131; answers given to check your work

Handwriting 82-83
Math--Mrs. Madison SS 125-128 / xtra math /
Teaching videos in Math Google Classroom. Answers given on Friday in Math Google Classroom.
-pgs. 409-410 (1-21)
-pgs. 439-440 (1-26)
Math--Mrs. Thede SS 125-128 / xtra math /
-pg 346-347 (1-18) online book ch. 10 tab 10-11
-pg. 348-349 (1-5) online book ch. 10 tab 10-12
-pg 352 all
-ch. 10 test
Math--Mrs. Caito SS 125-128 / xtra math /
(Some of these are hard for the students - just have them do the best they can!  Everything will be reviewed next year.)
-pg. 445 (odds) (online ch. 14, tab 2); Flipgrid in Classroom
-pg. 189 (4-28) evens(online ch. 5, tab 13); Flipgrid in Classroom
-pg. 391 (try as many as you would like - this will be worked on next year) (online ch. 12, tab 5); Flipgrid in Classroom
-for fun, complete Million Dollar Project (in Classroom)
Math--Mrs. Miller SS 125-128 /
-complete for 5 min. a day
-letter to future self (in Classroom)
-advice to next year's 4th graders (in Classroom)
-writing in complete sentence activity (in Classroom)
Religion pray rosary /
-keep a daily prayer journal (sheet in Classroom to help)
read only- Unit 8 pgs. 528-531, 534-539, and 550-555
Social Studies
-Review of maps with Nebraska as a focus. Latitude.longitude and map scale review. All in Google Classroom. 
(Review of measuring distance on a map)
username: svdp4
password: Grade4!

Spelling use spelling city
Vocabulary unit 14 test
Reminders -be sure to mark as done on Classroom when you finish items



The links below will give you access to online textbooks and other valuable resources:

Math Facts Practice

Religion (chapter reviews, games, and more)
Science  Click here for instructions on logging into the HMH Science website for the first time. Click here for the HMH Science website.
Social Studies book   click on link to the left and put in username and password given at Curriculum Night

spelling lists  (click log in, scroll down, click find teacher, type in Susie Caito)

English (same user name and password as computer class)

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