6th Grade Assignments/Tests

Monday, March 19th

Loose Change $$$$$  

Lenten Giving - Individual-sized packaged meals

TESTS THIS WEEK - March 19-23


TESTS NEXT WEEK - March 26-30   




MONDAY: English Test

TUESDAY:  Literature Final Test (all books);

Social Studies Ch11, Test #2


TUESDAY:   Math1 Test (6.8-6.17)

Math2 Test (6.1-6.7)




Religion: Seder Test


WEDNESDAY:  Unit 14 Spelling/Vocab Tests; Math3 Test (6.8-6.17)

THURSDAY: Science: Weathering and Erosion Test


THURSDAY:  No School






FRIDAY: No School



Mrs. Bockelman's Class Notes
Subject Assignments/Other Notes

All books: Final tests March 20th 


DOL due Monday

Next Test: Monday, March 26th (7.1-7.6)



Unit 14 CTRW due Wed

Unit 14 Synonyms due Sunday

Unit 14 CTS due Tuesday

Unit 14 Tests WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th 

Mrs. Guinotte's Class Notes


Subject Assignments/Other Notes

Weathering and Erosion Outline Packet due Wednesday, March 14th

Weathering and Erosion Test Thursday, March 22nd


Lenten Journals need to be brought to class everyday. If you miss a day you are responsible for your lenten response.

Lenten Cross check each Friday:Summary and Reflection for each reading in cursive

Seder Test: Wednesday, March 21st

Lenten Cross due: Wednesday, March 28th

Mrs. John's Class Notes
Subject Assignments/Other Notes

Math1 - p204-205, 2-42 Evens

Math2 - Workbook p61 EVENS

Math3 - 6.11, p199 - 2-20 EVENS

Simple Solutions

NO LESSONS DUE THIS WEEK!  Lesson 77 is due on Monday, March 26th

Social Studies

Ch 11 Study Guides for Chapter 11 were passed out on (3/7).  

               All test dates and assignment due dates were given (3/7)                        

Ch11 - Information Test - TOMORROW!! 







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